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About Digital Media Web Marketing

We build businesses… online,
we design and market your online business

It’s the stuff 'behind the scenes' that will affect how easy it is for people to find your site, use it effectively, and ultimately it will generate more business for you.

The purpose of a website is that it is easy to use, read and that people can clearly see what products or services your sell

Online marketing and analytic tools test how effective your Online business is dmwm uses a online hosted managed system called Business Catalyst which allows you visually  to gather this information through Business Catalyst analytical tools CRM and email marketing

To compare this, if we were able to monitor your offline products and services we would be able to monitor how many people came in to your business, and became a customer (Conversion rate) how many looked at your products and services, to determine which are the most popular products and services your offer, clarify what visitors are looking for from your business, and why people walked in to your business and turned around and left?

Its only when you get these statistics that you can make judgement on how to direct more people to your products or services, and perhaps discontinue products that are not giving a fast enough return on investment  (ROI)

We can do the same on your website we can watch how many people come onto you site, see how long the stay there, see how many pages they look through allowing you to find more effective ways to direct them through to the pages you want them to go to, to purchase your products or services

Of course your presence on the web has to look professional, and we'll make sure it does. Your new web site needs to be well-engineered, because that will determine how well it performs when capturing leads and closing sales

We're a 'technical' web development company with the years of experience and the technical knowledge that ensures our customer’s websites perform exceedingly well.

But we're also business people. So our first questions will be about how you see your business developing. We'll want to show you how the web can be used to conquer your unique challenges. And we'll look for ways that the web could help market your business in a very accurate and cost effective way.


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