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Google is getting deeper vision into how individual users share & discuss things on the internet.

chris doyle - Saturday, November 12, 2011

If you have a very tight relationship with a small network and a broader network that you are less engaged with, Google could know to promote your tight relationships in search results or use ads over the broad network.

Essentially, Google is getting deeper vision into how individual users share and discuss things on the internet. In the past, it had a limited vision of this. Now Google can own the complete picture. When placing recommendations on the results pages or looking for a certain page to promote

Share LO TS of Photos
Which images, charts, or slides can you share on Google+ to ignite conversations 
and increase the viral spread of your content?
Add Recommended Links
Add links to important blog articles and lead generation offers to drive more traffic and leads for your business.
Promote Your Google+ Page on Your Blog and Website
Cross-promotion is key to building a strong Google+ community.
Encourage People to Share Your Posts
Sharing on Google+ is a catalyst for increasing the virility of your content.
Analyze Traffic and Leads From Google+
So is this Google+ thing actually working for your business? To determine this, you’ll need to look at the traffic and leads that have been driven from Google+.

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